Error 0x00000026

What causes this error?

Anonfiles corrupted at least one of the files you downloaded.

How do I fix this?

There are three options: figure out which of the three parts is corrupt and replace it, use the torrent to repair the files, or redownload the whole game using the torrent.

Replace the corrupt file

To compare hashes, install 7-zip, right click on the file, click CRC SHA, then select SHA-1. You can compare the files sizes and SHA-1 hashes of each of the three parts to this list to check which part is damaged:

File ExtensionFile Size (KB)SHA-1 Hash










Once you find the damaged part, you can download it again from MEGA: .zip, .z01, .z02

Repair using the torrent

Coming soon once figure out a consistent way to do this!

Redownload with the torrent

Follow the torrent instructions from Archicmwa's tutorial:

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