Copy Paste Commands

Legends Lock

character_dummie                      hide
character_bangalore                   lock
character_Bloodhound                  lock
character_Caustic                     lock
character_crypto                      lock
character_Gibraltar                   lock
character_Lifeline                    lock
character_Mirage                      lock
character_Octane                      lock
character_Pathfinder                  lock
character_wattson                     lock
character_Wraith                      lock
character_random                      lock

Give Weapons Commands

give mp_weapon_alternator_smg = Alternator
give mp_weapon_defender = Charge Rifle
give mp_weapon_esaw = Devotion
give mp_weapon_epg = EPG
give mp_weapon_shotgun = EVA8
give mp_weapon_vinson = Flatline
give mp_weapon_g2 = G7
give mp_weapon_energy_ar = Havoc
give mp_weapon_hemlok = Hemlok
give mp_weapon_sniper = Kraber
give mp_weapon_dmr = Longbow
give mp_weapon_lstar = Lstar
give mp_weapon_mastiff = Mastiff
give mp_weapon_shotgun_pistol = Mozambique
give mp_weapon_semipistol = P2020
give mp_weapon_energy_shotgun = Peacekeeper
give mp_weapon_pdw = Prowler
give mp_weapon_rspn101 = R301
give mp_weapon_r97 = R99
give mp_weapon_autopistol = RE45
give mp_weapon_smart_pistol = Smart Pistol
give mp_weapon_lmg = Spitfire
give mp_weapon_doubletake = Triple Take
give mp_weapon_wingman = Wingman

Give Weapons Commands (Multiplayer)

tgive mp_weapon_alternator_smg = Alternator
tgive mp_weapon_defender = Charge Rifle
tgive mp_weapon_esaw = Devotion
tgive mp_weapon_epg = EPG
tgive mp_weapon_shotgun = EVA8
tgive mp_weapon_vinson = Flatline
tgive mp_weapon_g2 = G7
tgive mp_weapon_energy_ar = Havoc
tgive mp_weapon_hemlok = Hemlok
tgive mp_weapon_sniper = Kraber
tgive mp_weapon_dmr = Longbow
tgive mp_weapon_lstar = Lstar
tgive mp_weapon_mastiff = Mastiff
tgive mp_weapon_shotgun_pistol = Mozambique
tgive mp_weapon_semipistol = P2020
tgive mp_weapon_energy_shotgun = Peacekeeper
tgive mp_weapon_pdw = Prowler
tgive mp_weapon_rspn101 = R301
tgive mp_weapon_r97 = R99
tgive mp_weapon_autopistol = RE45
tgive mp_weapon_smart_pistol = Smart Pistol
tgive mp_weapon_lmg = Spitfire
tgive mp_weapon_doubletake = Triple Take
tgive mp_weapon_wingman = Wingman

Give Weapons with Attachments Commands

With Cheats = give [weaponname] [attachments/mods]
Without Cheats = tgive [primary/secondary/tactical/ultimate] [weaponname] [attachments/mods]; you can also type p instead of primary, s instead of secondary etc.

Give Helmet Commands

script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"helmet_pickup_lv1\", \"helmet\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"helmet_pickup_lv2\", \"helmet\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"helmet_pickup_lv3\", \"helmet\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"helmet_pickup_lv4_abilities\", \"helmet\")"

Give Backpack Commands

script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"backpack_pickup_lv1\", \"backpack\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"backpack_pickup_lv2\", \"backpack\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"backpack_pickup_lv3\", \"backpack\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"backpack_pickup_lv4_revive_boost\", \"backpack\")"

Give Armor / Shield Commands

script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"armor_pickup_lv1\", \"armor\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"armor_pickup_lv2\", \"armor\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"armor_pickup_lv3\", \"armor\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"armor_pickup_lv4_all_fast\", \"armor\")"

Give Incapshield / Knockdown Shields Commands

script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"incapshield_pickup_lv1\", \"incapshield\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"incapshield_pickup_lv2\", \"incapshield\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"incapshield_pickup_lv3\", \"incapshield\")"
script "Inventory_SetPlayerEquipment(gp()[0], \"incapshield_pickup_lv4_selfrevive\", \"incapshield\")"

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