Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play on Console?

No, this project is PC only. You can't invite your console friends and can't play on console.

Can I use in-game cosmetics?

No, in-game cosmetics are disabled and will stay disabled. If you want to have In-game cosmetics, buy them in the actual game.

We urge you to not attempt enabling cosmetics as this can put the whole project at risk! The development would cease and files wouldn't be accessible anymore.

Can I use my Season X Apex files?

Under absolutely no circumstances should you attempt to run this with Season X Apex files.

Doing this won't work as Easy Anti-Cheat will block it or may even ban you! You need to download the Season 3 Apex build files with the build string R5pc_r5launch_N1094_CL456479_2019_10_30_05_20_PM.

What can I do with this project?

You can create your own lobbies, you can play with your friends and other people. We also have a Server Browser so you can find other servers.

How do you properly host servers?

You need to port-forward from port range 37015-37020 on UDP otherwise no one will be able to connect. If you host to the Server Browser and don't have those ports forwarded no one can join you. Same for hosting hidden servers. Please keep that in mind.

You can still play offline and your friends can join you if you're all on the same network.

I'm stuck on the main menu. What should I do?

When in-game press ~ or insert key to open the console, F10to open the Server Browser.

My game isn't working. How do I fix it?

Check out the ##Troubleshooting page for common issues and their respective solution. If that doesn't fix your problem, head over to our discord for support.

Why are some characters not available?

We still need to fix/implement some of the legends as Respawn didn't ship all necessary code from them to work out-of-the-box.

Can I play Solos/Duos/Quads/32v32/... ?

Yes, that's up to you! Check The Playlist file category to learn how to modify team composition and much more!

Can I play on maps newer than S3?

For now, you can't. Here are all the available maps:

  • Firing Range

  • Kings Canyon Season 0

  • Kings Canyon Season 2

  • Kings Canyon After Dark

  • World's Edge

  • NEW! World's Edge After Dark

Is there any ban risk?

We don't have a definitive answer but our project doesn't interfere with the Apex official servers aside from using your Origin account to retrieve the in-game name. Proceed at your own risk.

We suggest not using your main account for this. You need an origin account with Apex Legends in the library. We also suggest to turn off game auto-updating and use a VPN.

When creating an alternate account don't use disposable emails. EA will autoban it based on the email domain. Use something legit such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Are there any bugs?

YES, there are lots of bugs. Bare with us though, as we fix them daily. To follow our progress on features/bugs, check out our Trello page

Can I contribute?

Sure thing!

Please open pull requests and issues on our GitHub projects. We appreciate all the help! Additionally, you can contribute to this very documentation by submitting pull requests.

Check out all of our repos on the Links page.


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