Level Editor

R5Reloaded In-Game Level Editor

This tool is in beta. It is not complete.

We do not take responsibility for any mental or physical harm caused by downloading, using, or modifying the level editor.

Getting started:

  1. Download this repo and replace your current scripts

    1. back them up first if you have changed anything you want to keep

  2. Load in to a game in debug mode

  3. Press esc or tab, go to the dev menu, select Editor then Start Editing

  4. Press q (your tactical button) to equip the tool

Using the tool:

  • Set the rotate and snap binds by running bind "3" "+scriptCommand6"; bind "4" "+scriptCommand1" in the console

    • Change 3 and 4 to your key of choice

  • If you use toggle zoom, you need to bind something to hold aim to change props

  • Press b (change fire mode) to enter delete mode

Saving and loading:

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